Why Guerrilla Marketing Matters More than Content Marketing

Getting noticed in today’s media-driven, meme-heavy marketplace requires an innovative approach, one that catapults you beyond the content-driven ad world and puts your message directly in front of your potential customers. While content marketing is still a valuable tool in the advertising world, it often lacks the immediacy and instant impact that a results-driven business world calls for.


The Downsides of Content Marketing

Content marketing requires a long period of time before results can be seen, as customers won’t immediately flock to your website simply because of a few blog articles or social media posts. It also requires consistent content creation which engages the reader; not an easy or straightforward task for many small-business owners with a limited budget and tight time constraints.


Utilizing content marketing also requires a large amount of resource and talent allocation, as getting your content seen by the right eyes isn’t just a matter of producing meaningful articles. You will also need to be competent in the digital media creation arena and have a solid grasp of SEO if you want your content to rank in a bloated online space. Simply hiring a firm to take care of these marketing elements for your business can be an expensive proposition without any guarantee of success.

Guerrilla Marketing: A Fresh Way to Reach Your Customer


Sometimes, you need an approach which breaks from traditional marketing avenues and gets your message noticed immediately.  This is where an inventive and unique approach to marketing is needed, as relying on content marketing is often a recipe for being overlooked and achieving lackluster, short-term results.

Guerrilla marketing provides clients with an innovative and unconventional marketing approach with the goal of achieving maximum exposure at a low-cost. For companies in need of raising brand awareness or increasing conversion rates immediately, guerrilla marketing provides the perfect advertising strategy.

Denver GS offers businesses an innovative guerrilla marketing solution through its strategic, hyper-localized deployment of automobile and on-foot sign services. Denver GS clients have seen a substantial improvement in walk-in traffic and overall sales after deploying a fleet of mobile ad banners.

Immediate, Proven Results

Lance Chayet, owner of Hanover Realty, has seen a major boost in sales since commissioning Denver GS’s unique on-foot and automobile-based sign services, which are available to be deployed under any weather conditions.

“We are ecstatic that our Production Reports have shown significant increases in traffic,” Lance Chayet, owner of Hanover Realty, said. “We will be using Denver GS for several years to come.”

An Advertising Innovation Worth Looking at

Many traditional forms of sign-based advertising are too common to make a significant impact, as consumers tend to look past the tired and dated billboards of yesteryear without giving the message a chance. A Denver GS sign deployment is an unparalleled, attention-grabbing marketing solution which produces rapid results.

The secret to Denver GS’s effective guerrilla marketing campaign is in the sign itself. For automobiles, the 4-by-4 ad banner attaches to a vehicle’s trailer hitch and looms large behind the car, making it practically impossible to look past. In a world where impactful impressions are a precious commodity, this marketing novelty is an invaluable asset for your advertising strategy.

If you’re seeking a swift marketing solution which offers instant results for your business, contact Denver GS today. Our Guerrilla Signs hardware is being used nationally to help nonprofits, real estate firms, QSRs, and for many other industrious marketing solutions.