Denver GS

Guerrilla Marketing Services


ad pilots

Deploy Ad Pilots to targeted traffic to inundate the market with your message.


become an ad pilot and/or sign troop

You can easily sign up to be considered as an ad pilot for marketing missions.


We are preparing an affordable franchise package to activate in your metro area.


We are interested in helping you reach your marketing goals, whether through us or another platform in our networked partners. Reach out for a free first consultation.


sign troops

Deploy Sign Troops to dense foot traffic zones to impact thousands of eyes.

sign rentals/rates

Rent one of our sign units to utilize for your events or other sign needs.

4' x 4' Guerrilla Sign Unit

$50/1 day | $120/3 days | $200/week

Sign Troop Walker Unit

$10/1 day | $25/3 days | $50/week

Ad Pilot Hitch Unit

$10/1 day | $25/3 days | $50/week